Continue working on mobile development (native and web), and improve my skills on Augmented Reality, IA, Robotics and Computer Vision.


1994 – 2000

Computer Engineering. Castila La Mancha University.

Dissertation: Tourist Guide (C#, Windows Mobile 5.0, C.F. 2.0, SQL Server 2005 CE, GPS and GIS). With honors.


Architect and software developer

InvesControl (April, 2014 - At present).

Traceability software with Cognex cameras and Domino printers.

  • A RESTful and RPC Web Service using JSON developed with ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API, C#, .NET Framework 4 and Entity Framework 6.1.2 Code First.
  • Design patterns used on web services were: Repository, Unit of Work and dependency injection.
  • Development driven by Test Driven Development.
  • I used the frameworks NUnit and NInject as dependency injection container.
  • Communication between with a WCF service to get traceability codes.
  • Integration with previous company software (InvesNet).

Architect - App developer

ADNLine Solutions (July, 2013 - December, 2013).

Social Network development: backend and an iOS 5+ client.

  • From user requirements, I designed the database with an Entity Relationship model using Microsoft Visio 2010.
  • A RESTful Web Service using JSON was developed using ASP.NET MVC 4, C#, .NET Framework 4.5 and Entity Framework 6.0 Code First.
  • I used the following design patterns on web services: Repository, Unit of Work and dependency injection.
  • Development was driven by Test Driven Development.
  • I used the frameworks NUnit and Moq on unit test, and NInject as dependency injection container.
  • iOS Client was developed with Objective-C, MVC, Facade, Singleton and Decorator patterns. Driven by Test Driven Development.

Product manager - App dev.

German company (January, 2013 - May, 2013).

  • Here, I developed an augmented reality app to identify traffic speed signals using OpenCV, Sqlite and RESTful web service using JSON hosted in Windows Azure.
  • I used Objective-C and C++ and the design patterns MVC, Facade and concurrency patterns Readers-Writer lock and Monitor.
  • Tracking tasks was using Scrum and communication in English.


Via Cognita (June, 2009 - December, 2012).

  • Apps development for: Windows Azure, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Adobe Air, HTML5 and Augmented Reality using Vuforia SDK.
  • Database design and implementation using Entity Relationship diagrams for SQL Server, SQL Azure, Sqlite and webSQL.
  • WCF RESTful web services using JSON design and implementation with Entity Framework 4.0 Code First, C# and using TDD (Test Driven Development). I used also Repository, Unit of Work and dependency injections.


ID-Est Consultores (Barcelona) (April, 2005 - June, 2009).

  • ASP.NET Portal to manage Microstrategy reports (C#).
  • Java Portal to manage Microstrategy reports.
  • Web design with Microsoft Expression web, expression design and Dreamweaver.
  • System administrator.

Senior Programmer

Altana Consulting (Madrid) (August, 2003 - January, 2005).

  • MVC J2EE portal.
  • Pro*C batch processing running on AIX (C++).
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 (C#) application to manage a warehouse stock.

Junior Programmer

Soluziona Consultoría (Ciudad Real) (May, 2000 - November, 2002).

  • Desktop application made with PowerBuilder.
  • Pro*C batch processing running on Solaris (C++).

Other Skills



  • Spanish: mother tongue.
  • English: first certificate.
  • Catalonian: S1.